Paint Your Own Pottery
Our Mission Statement
and all abilities realize their
inner creativity through
We love what we do and that's why when you paint at our studio you will
receive the best service and assistance.  Our studio staff is friendly and are
here to help even those who feel they lack the "artistic gene".  We have
ideas and techniques for every skill level and we strive to make painting
pottery fun and easy for everyone!
1.  Choose a piece of unfinished pottery (bisque) from our
shelves. We have over 1,500 pieces of pottery so you may
find it hard to decide which one you want to paint first!
Don't worry though- you don't have to paint just one- you
can stay all day and paint as many as you'd like!
2. Decide on a design. We have lots of idea books, painted
samples to copy, design tools available for your use, and
friendly staff always on hand to help you create the look
you want!
3.  Pick your glazes! You have unlimited use of all our regular
and speckled glazes as well as many other painting supplies
such as tape and funwriters to make decorating easy!
4.  Paint your piece and have a blast!  Relax and take your
time, bring some guilt foods and beverages (BYOB) while
you paint... and then paint another piece if you'd
like-there's no limit!  Once you are finished, leave your piece
with us and we will glaze and fire it for you!  Your piece(s)
will be ready for pick up in a week!  We also offer
complimentary express firing (non-custom) if you really
really need it in as little as 3 days -available by request when
the kiln gods are in our favor
majority of our pieces average between $16 and $25, and
the cost is the piece(s) of pottery you paint plus a paint time
fee that covers the paints, glazing, firing, and use of the
studio.  The paint time fee per painter is $4 per half hour
and we have a maximum daily paint time fee of $10 for
unlimited paint time all day so you can stay and paint as
many pieces as you'd like- take your time and enjoy, you'll
never pay more than $10 plus your pottery!  In general, it
usually takes a half hour to an hour to paint a piece for kids,
longer for adults.  So figure your cost will be between $4 to
$8 or a maximum of $10 in addition to your pottery on
average per person.  Planning out your design and
instructional help is always free of charge- we keep track of
your time for you once you start using tape or paint.

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Now you can paint at home with
the same great paints and
materials you use in our studio!
Try our purchase your pottery
and some single bottles of glaze
and paint at home at your
convenience! Bring your piece(s)
back to the studio to be fired and
it's ready in a week. A small firing
fee applies to each piece. We also
sell brushes, specialty glazes,
design tools and other painting
View the wide variety
of glazes you can purchase to
paint pottery at home.
Mosaic Madness Tuesdays

Get your creative juices flowin'!  Make any mosaic and then get unlimited paint time for just $5 when you purchase and
paint pottery too! (special is per person).

Happy Hour Wednesdays 5-9pm

Because who can really wait until Friday, right? Buy 3 Get 1 Free Adult Beverage Glasses (Mix and match Martinis,
Margaritas, Wine, Beer Steins, Crinkle Cups and Shot Glasses! Higher price prevails).
Bring a group of 4 or more people and you all get $8 unlimited paint time per person with purchase of pottery! BYOB!

"Hot" Date Saturday Nights

We are "The Hot Spot for a Cool Date!" For just $8 each plus the cost of pottery, two or more people can paint from 6-10pm
on Saturday nights. Bring a date to paint- any date will do- a friend, family member, spouse. We make a great place for a
first-date or blind-date too! It's "adult paint time" which means we will never have a kid's party going on after 6:30pm so
relax, unwind and bring some wine, It's BYOB time!  

Specials may be discontinued at any time and can't be combined with other discounts or coupons.