Frequently Asked Questions


Are the paints lead-free and non-toxic?

The Pottery Piazza uses only lead-free glazes in every phase of our operation. Our goal is to provide our customers with a fun artistic experience in a safe environment and so all our glazes are non-toxic and lead-free.  We are pleased with the quality we are able to produce using lead-free glazes and we believe that customers, especially parents with young children, will appreciate the benefits of a ceramics studio that uses only lead-free glazes.

Can I eat and drink from the ceramics I make at Pottery Piazza?

Yes you can! All our glazes are non-toxic and lead-free, and about 99% of our glazes that we carry are food safe (The other 1% of glazes are also non-toxic and lead-free but they have surface texture variations designed to be porous and decorative such as our puffy white snow glaze that’s designed to go on the tips of Christmas Trees, etc.) These unique surface texture glazes are sold separately so you never have to worry if you are using a “not designed for food use” glaze, and it also states that fact on the jar.

Are the glazed and fired ceramics dishwasher safe?

We do not recommend washing your hand painted ceramics in the dishwasher. Dishwashers and detergents are very abrasive and may affect the beautiful finished surface over time. We recommend hand washing only.

What if I’m not creative or artistic?

No worries! We have a lot of great pieces and easy to use design tools such as stencils stamps and sponges  perfect for beginners or those who feel they lack the artistic gene. We also have a wonderfully helpful staff to guide you in your artistic adventure.

What ages are good for those wanting to paint pottery?

All ages! We welcome everyone from newborns to Great Grandparents! Our family friendly studio is the perfect place to gather together and paint pottery and its fun for everyone. Bring your newborn in to get their tiny footprints stamped on pottery… it is so cute and they make great functional gifts! We also have several design tools that are great for people with limited motor-skills as well. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

You NEVER need a reservation for walk-in painting or mosaicing!  Our walk-in area is open during regular studio hours for anyone who wants to come in and paint ceramics or make a mosaic. Groups of 10 or more walk-in painters, may either want to reserve a space or call ahead & let us know the date & time they prefer so that we can try to hold a large table or tables together - but please remember that our walk in area is first come, first seated.

If you are coming in for a specific event such as our monthly Ladies Night or Family Night (see Events calendar above) you may want to make a reservation to guarantee seating as our events are popular and often fill up.

If you are interested in booking a party with us for your group of 10 or more, you’ll want to reserve our party room. Please see party and group information above under the “paint your own pottery” or “make a mosaic” drop down menu.

How long does it take to get my piece back after I paint it?

Pottery painted is ready in 7 days and after 4pm unless otherwise noted. Your pick up date and time is written on your receipt. You do not have to pick it up on that date or time, but you need to return to pick up your finished and fired pottery within 60 days of the date you painted it.  If you need a rush, sometimes we can fire your pottery piece in less than 7 days but it all depends on our kiln firing schedule for that particular day/week. Please inquire the day you intend to paint and we can give you an estimate if it can be fired sooner.  Mosaic pieces are available to take home the same day so that may be a great alternative for someone needing a last minute/ ready-to-go activity.

Can I bring in pieces I bought elsewhere to paint/fire?

The Pottery Piazza guarantees its fired pieces for quality in materials and craftsmanship.  If anything goes wrong on our end, we will replace the piece at no charge.  Since we cannot be sure of products that are purchased elsewhere, we would not know whether or not they are compatible with our process or if there is a flaw in the production of the piece.  Therefore, we generally do not allow customers to bring in pottery purchased elsewhere. If on very rare exception, we do accept a piece not purchased through us, we charge a premium accordingly and there is no guarantee of desirable results as less than 100% of your materials were purchased through us.  We would also only be able to fire them if there is room in our firing schedule. We reserve the right to refuse any piece for any reason.

Have a question & can't find the answer?

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